What Is A Life Insurance Sales Lead?

If you don’t know what a life insurance sales lead is and how to get tons of them at low cost, it is impossible to remain competitive and hold your head above water in today’s industry. Luckily, all you need to take advantage of these leads is your Internet connection and a little bit of knowledge.

A life insurance sales lead is basically all of the information you need to contact people who are seriously interested in purchasing a life insurance policy of some type. These leads will contain not only the name and contact information of the potential customer, but they will give some details about the type of policy they want to find as well.

It’s like a good friend calling you up and saying they have a couple friends or relatives looking to take out an insurance policy and they are handing you the sale. It can be that simple if you offer the type of policy they are looking for at a competitive rate.

Yet instead of someone close to you, the good friends in this case are websites which collect leads from the general population and sell them at reasonable prices to agents just like yourself.

Yes, you can literally pay a nominal fee and have these leads handed to you online! These will not be false leads that connect you to people who signed up for some magazine or email list and suddenly find themselves unwillingly bombarded with advertisements and agents.

Reputable websites selling insurance leads get all of their information from credible sources–the interested consumers themselves. Every life insurance sales lead will go to someone who has been openly looking for a reasonable insurance policy.

Most of these websites operate quote sites, where consumers can put in their basic information and request quotes from policies from a variety of different companies. They willingly put in their information knowing that agents will be contacting them with quotes and offers.

This means that your follow up communications will be expected and openly accepted. These are consumers who are thinking about getting an insurance policy but don’t necessarily have the time to go looking for quotes on their own. It is easier for them if you come to them first.

Of course, this does not mean that every life insurance lead is guaranteed to lead to a sale. It will definitely increase your chances of closing a lot of deals, but you still have to deliver a competitive policy with enticing rates because there may be others calling these same potential customers from other websites as well.

If you are looking for a specific type of customer or want someone within your local area, most services will allow you to place filters in your leads search to attract the right type of people. There will usually be an extra charge for anything that goes beyond the basic service plan.

Life insurance sales leads make a huge difference in the rate of success for individual agents. With the popularity of quote searches online, it is now easier than ever to find customers from all over the country who are actively searching for a great deal on a life insurance policy.

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