How To Get Life Insurance Sales Leads Online

Consumers who use life insurance quote sites to find the best rates for their insurance policies are doing the smart thing by looking around before they settle into a deal. They are also making themselves known to you, since you as the insurance agent can purchase life insurance sales leads that come from these quote sites.

Of course, there are other sources of insurance sales leads online as well, but with the growing popularity of websites that give consumers quotes from various companies side by side, it is easier than ever to find out who is interested in purchasing a policy, how much coverage they are looking for, and even where they live.

You may assume that the only way to profit from a quote site would be to sign on as one of the companies quoted to consumers who input their information, but that is incorrect. These sites sell the information they receive from consumers on the site, which turn into the best sales leads you could ever dream of as an agent.

We are talking about real qualified life insurance leads that put you directly in contact with people who are actively searching for an insurance policy. This cuts out the cold calls and increases your chances of making the sale each and every time.

The good news is there are websites all over the net right now selling these insurance leads by the minute. Just as there are quote websites for consumers looking for a policy, there are lead websites for agents looking to contact those consumers.

Of course, you will have to pay for these leads so it is in your best interest to ensure the site you use has reasonable fees and will allow you to pick how many life insurance sales leads you want and set some rules on what they have to include.

There are many different systems being set up for the sale of insurance leads right now, so you will have to look around and find something that works with your needs. Some sites may list their leads with basic information like zip code, age of lead, and how much coverage they are looking for. Purchasing exclusive life insurance leads may cost more, but you won’t have to compete with a number of agents. You can then purchase as many as you need.

Many will deliver them in groups but allow you to select certain filters, such as you only want them near a certain zip code or they must be requesting a certain type of policy.

Sites that just deliver random leads may be a bit cheaper than ones that allow you to determine some aspect of the lead. The trade off is that you may get more dead leads in a random pool, but remember these will be people who have in some way expressed a direct interest in purchasing a life insurance policy, so your odds of finding people totally uninterested are much lower than doing random cold calls.

Also, some sites are now offering services that allow you to turn dead leads back in and exchange them for a new lead. This is an invaluable benefit when purchase life insurance sales leads online.

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